Every girl wants that perfect SEC game-day look, and this is especially the case for Homecoming. Over the summer, I picked out the perfect dress that I wanted to wear for Mizzou’s best game-day. I obviously thought the dress would be perfect for Homecoming since I felt I wanted to look my best on this day. However, as the football season progressed, I noticed it was getting colder each weekend, so I wore that special sundress at an earlier game. The struggle this past week was finding the perfect outfit for what is the best game-day at Mizzou, without shopping and still something to stay warm. I felt deprived that I could not go shop at all the local boutiques for the perfect something. My friends all went shopping and a lot of them came home with fur vests. On game-day, I felt my outfit was just not as cute as what my friends wore. I did, however, manage to put together a decent outfit. I found my blue chambray button-down shirt I bought over the summer from the Nordstrom’s semi-annual sale and paired it with a gold, sparkly scarf I bought when I was younger. I then put on a pair of my friend’s gold earrings and made sure I wore my cowboy boots for that perfect SEC look. I also wore black thermal leggings to finish the outfit for warmth. I felt a little out of place not wearing a fur vest like the rest of my friends, but I felt okay knowing I was the only one wearing a chambray shirt. I felt like a trendsetter.

This week’s challenge encouraged me to think outside the box. Since I did not own a fur vest nor a vest of any kind, I had to get creative. I had to remember my old repins from Pinterest of girls wearing cowboy boots and chambray shirts. Once I had that look in my head, I knew I had to wear my leggings and find the perfect scarf. My biggest struggle was not cracking on my fashion diet and going out to buy a new yellow scarf. It was comforting when I found my older gold scarf. I actually ended up liking my scarf more than the yellow scarves I saw on other girls that day. Despite my need for a yellow scarf, it was cool I utilized an older previously worn scarf. I am also glad I remembered my Pinterest boards and was able to get creative. I was also glad my other strategy for avoiding shopping was to borrow from my friends. It is great I have such good friends to rely on for some of my fashion needs. It was also fantastic that I found a scarf I had completely forgotten about. I am glad I stayed busy with all my homecoming events I had to attend during the week in order to avoid shopping. Even with the limitations in my closet, I still feel like I was able to create the perfect outfit for such an important event.