School is the one thing that will always keep me too busy to shop.  This past week I had three tests, so I didn’t even have time to think about checking any websites for new clothes, let alone have any time for actual shopping.  I am exhausted from this past week and it being homecoming weekend.  Shopping is the last thing on my mind, and sleep is the first.  

This weekend it was cold for tailgating for the big homecoming game but I managed to create a really cute outfit out of all the clothes I already had.  Two weeks ago, I also went home and I was able to bring all of my winter clothes back, so it make my life a lot easier.  This week there were no temptations for me to shop at all.

This week I have been feeling fine around others.  No one has bought anything new around me so it hasn’t been hard. I haven’t come up with any new creative strategies lately, I just keep using pinterest as my own little shopping cart of things that I can’t buy!