The challenge is almost over. I really cannot wait to say THANK GOD out loud, but for now, I will appreciate every single day of discipline. This past week was easier and I felt more in control. In fact, I got a little creative. Since the summertime, I nave wanted a denim shirt with a studded collar. I had the opportunity to purchase one during the summertime too, but I don’t like to spend too much money all at once, so I let go of that idea then. But since it is getting colder and I love studs, I aw some people wearing studs on collars, pockets, ect. It is the thing to do right now, so to relief my void, I used an old studded belt and took the studs off to make my studded collar. 

The fact that I customized my own shirt motivated me. I was quite impressed after I got done because the shirt looks really good. But also because I know that everything that is sold in a store, someone produced either by hand or by a machine controlled by man. This just opened up my eyes more to making my own style stand out by adding a personal touch to my clothes. I’m excited to see what I do this week. 🙂