I’m starting to feel a little frustrated with the no shopping thing.  The weather is changing and I’ve been seeing cute fall outfits left and right.  I have still been able to ignore my urges and not purchase anything for myself.  It became very tempting this past week when I wanted a new outfit because I was taking senior pictures and also had a wedding to attend.  Thankfully, my sister’s closet came to the rescue! No idea what I would be doing at this point if I wasn’t able to share clothes with her!  I’ve defiantly had to expand my  creativity with not only my own clothes, but the clothes I borrow from my sister I can make look like totally different outfits by combining things with some of my stuff.  This challenge at times makes me feel like I am behind on the fashion trends because of the cute outfits I see around town.  Then I have to stop and think about how my outfits that I am forced to create are one of a kind and not straight out of magazine.  I have stuck with the same strategies thought the challenge which is borrowing, and  creating new looks from things I already own.  This past weekend when I had an event to attend I went to Pintrest to look at ideas on outfits that I could possibly interpret.