I’ve hit my breaking point. I want to shop. Not because I can’t think of new outfits to wear or what not, I’m just tired of the anxiety I get from not being able to purchase things. I need a new pair of boots, and a new pair of black jeans.. but I’m not supposed to shop. I won’t let myself go to fashion stores or even online stores because the temptations are too much and I’m a compulsive buyer.  I’m trying to contain the anxiety and keep myself from breaking loose. I’m not sure I can keep control for much longer.

            This week is Halloween too. I actually haven’t bought a new costume since middle school. I love using my own clothes to create a legit costume. I have a few lined up this year, but there is definitely a few small items I would need to buy. Like for a flapper, I need a headband or cloche hat etc.  But I usually can manage and find things to complete the look. I really enjoy creatively manipulating my own apparel to create a look.