This detox is really starting to affect me, especially with winter coming around the corner. This weekend I went home, and of course was planning on bringing up some of my winter clothes. As I searched through my closet, I noticed that I really need to go shopping because I have worn every winter piece of clothing I own about a million times. After I quickly realized I can’t do that, I decided to go on a hunt. I looked through our guest room closet in search for some old clothes of mine that I had put in storage. Surprisingly, some of the things I found are back in style so I was able to bring up quite a few things I haven’t worn in a very long time! Although I was tempted to shop when I went to the mall this weekend with my family, I held back and remembered the things I found in my closet that I would use to create new outfits. Luckily I won’t be home until Thanksgiving, so there will be few temptations to shop here while I’m at school. So far I have not broken the detox, and I hope the weeks to come will be filled with no temptations and plenty of creativity!