I am feeling a little anxious, as always. The weather is changing and all I want to do is buy new, cute fall shades and big, comfy sweaters. This is definitely impacting my creativity because I am wearing clothes that I haven’t worn since last fall. I style them a little differently and make them all look more up to date rather than a couple of seasons ago.

I am always tempted to shop especially when I love to online shop. When I got them email form 25% off Anthropologie sale, I nearly had a heart attack but resisted in purchasing. Hopefully this little experiment will with my addiction and obsession. I just want to shop when I am around others because I see all of their cute fall clothes.

Having three wonderful roommates that are all the same size make it easier to resist shopping but the urge to shop doesn’t ever go away… ever… ever. However, my children size feet still make new shoes a problem. My creativity is the same as any other week just by mixing up the apparel I already have and wearing it in ways I hadn’t thought of before. It’s not getting easier just in case anyone was wondering.