How am i feeling? I feel pretty good because this week was harder and i did not give in. The challenge has still not impacted my creativity very much. I am becoming increasingly careless about weather my clothing look good on me or not. I have had several temptations this week, though not to actually shop for apparel. I had a good friend who wanted to give me some jewelry that she made over the weekend and i had to decline it. She also was getting rid of some clothing that did not fit her and wanted me to take some since I am smaller than her. Both the clothing and jewelry were really hard to turn down, but i honestly don’t have the room in my apartment for more clothing so maybe it was for the best. In general the challenge has not effected how i feel around others, but I did feel rude to turn down a hand made gift. I have not utilized any strategies to stop shopping. The only need i have tried to creatively fulfill was i used a safety pin to take some slack out of my jeans and hold them up instead of buying a belt.