Homecoming was this weekend and so much fun!! I was feeling great and way to busy to buy anything! My mom came up for the weekend and we had a great time! Considering she was only here for 2 days we did not have time to go shopping! This weekend was so crazy that my mind was going a million miles a second with out any thoughts of shopping! Now as I saw the cute outfits that everyone was wearing for homecoming, I complemented the girls and moved on. There was nothing in my mind of even thinking, I wonder where they bought those jeans or shirt. 

I have to say I wasn’t very creative this week because I was in my cheerleading uniform the whole weekend doing activities. I didn’t even have to think what I need to put together to wear, it was already picked out for me! Next week will be totally different though considering it’s halloween! 

I think that my temptations go right out the window when I am really busy. I get stressed out pretty easily about school and when I’m thinking about school the last thing I think about is shopping. I care more about my grades than anything so its not hard when my week is packed. Now on the weeks that there is nothing going on, for example no test, all I want to do is sit around and shop online. That has not happened though in the past couple of weeks because have been having my second round of tests. 

Lastly, this weekend wasn’t hard being around people in there cute outfits because I was in my uniform. But when I know I have to look good and be up to par, sometimes I get stressed about what I’m going to wear knowing I cant just go to the mall and find something new. I think sometimes I feel out of place because most of my clothes are out of season. Also I think they might be like wow what is this girl wearing, when I’m just trying to be creative for the project in wearing clothes how I usually wouldn’t. But so far so good! Lets see what happens next weekend when its halloween!