I am feeling good about this detox still. I have not been tempted to buy anything at all. I have been really busy to think about going shopping or buying new clothes. Since Halloween is coming up, I was excited to put together an outfit that wouldn’t cost me to have to go buy something and this helped my creativity. I actually used an old dress that my mom used to wear as my outfit and was a little zombie girl with a doll. I also got the doll from my parents place that I had just hanging around. I haven’t had any temptations whatsoever. I can’t think of one time that I really just had the urge to have to buy something. I feel great around others! I am happy that I am not spending any money at all on clothes and it’s made me more confident in my ability to keep going through with this! I have just not gone out with anyone at all to go shopping or think about shopping so that has helped utilize to stop myself from shopping. I feel that if I went with someone to go shop, I am more likely to buy the product and ten times more tempted to! Halloween was one creative strategy that helped fulfill my needs without purchasing anything. I was able to use something old to come up with something new and it was just a lot more fun anyway!