The past couple weeks have been quite difficult to me. I have had to deal with some personal problems and do my best to keep my smile on my face. This causes me stress and lots of it. There are good and bad things about this situation though. The good thing is that my mind has been on one thing only so I have not had time to think about shopping much. The bad thing is that I am stressed so all I want to do is shop. I want to go walk around the mall and try on cute clothes. But I must stop myself and I do. 

I must confess… I did order a pair of boots this past weekend. I was at home and my brown boots I have had for a year have become very worn out. One of the heels was starting to break off and the rubber stoppers on the bottom of each heel have totally ripped out and are no where to be found. That being said, I need new brown boots 🙂 I have no other boots to wear with everything! My mother was kind enough to let me order a pair online because I found a cheap pair. They are brown tall boots with no heel and a red accent zipper. Now I am just waiting for them to arrive. It’s a good thing I bought them online though because I wanted my mom to take me to the mall, but I knew that I would end up trying on clothing and wanting to buy it. Thank goodness for the internet!! 

I know I cheated a little bit, but if I was not doing this fashion detox then I would be spending money I do not have on clothes. Now that I will have these new brown boots, I should be good to go until winter break!