I went to my internship with Teen Vogue Magazine last week. It was such an amazing trip in which i got to meet a lot of well known people. I have learned a lot from every single one of them about the fashion world they have been involved in. My internship required a lot of interaction with people, since I was in charged of helping out with photo shoots, cat walks as well as private event fashion shows. Therefore, my coordinator constantly reminded me to dress the best I could. It was very challenging since I don’t think Missouri fashion style fits in well with New York high fashion environment. On top of that, although I was so excited about this trip, I restrained myself from going shopping for new clothes. I decided that if they chose me because of my essay and designs, they will love me for who I am, not the clothes I wear. I made sure I wore heels everyday to work. That worked out well because heels makes everything become dressy :) The week went by fast, and I had to admit I got a lot of free stuff from Vogue’s closet. I was so vulnerable when seeing all the brand name clothes lying in front of myself. But in the end, I only took two purses, a wallet and two pairs of heels from Betsey Johnson. 

Being in a top fashion world last week really tested my commitment to fashion detox project. I was glad I stayed straight to my promises and did not buy or accept any new clothes. The hardest challenge of the semester is finally over!!!