How you are feeling:
I am feeling ok this week, a little frustrated with the detox but overall handling it well.
How this challenge has impacted your creativity:
I feel as if I have always been quite a creative person, this challenge has definitely boosted my creativity to a new level. I had a Halloween costume party this weekend and my costume was made entirely from duct tape and paper. I feel as if the homemade costumes are usually so much more fun and it turned out really well. With pinterest and other crafty websites becoming popular I feel has made crafty cool and continues to heighten young peoples creativeness.
Any temptations you have had to shop or apparel needs you have had, but could not purchase:
The only temptation I have had this week is a little black dress for a date night, it was so pretty and I really wanted it but I resisted of course, Im still thinking about it though!
How this challenge has impacted how you feel around others:
It has made me mad at some of my friends, I know its not their fault but they are always asking me to go on shopping trips to oklahoma city and the mall and I dont want to be left out, but they know I cant shop so it is hard sometimes to say no.
Any strategies you have utilized to stop yourself from shopping:
Honestly just mixing up my current outfits and seeing what works with what. Accessories can definitely change an outfit, so I have been pulling different things together with things like scarves, chunky socks over leggings, layering necklaces and finding some interesting results.