So, I am facing a lot of shopping dilemmas right now. Starting today, I get 55% off of any clearance item in the store where I work. 55 percent!! I have been put several items on hold, whether they were for me or someone else. So far, I have not actually gone back and purchased anything. One, because I feel guilty. And two, because I really can’t afford to anyway. However, my mom might be coming into town this week to go shopping and of course I want to go with her. As much as I am going to fight the urge, I can’t promise that I will be successful.

The second shopping dilemma I am facing is possibly even worse. I am attending a ball next weekend with my boyfriend. In order to go to a ball, you must have a fancy gown. I have ever been to a ball before. The closest thing I have attended was my high school prom. My only option right now is to wear one of my prom dresses. They are very cute, but I am concerned that they are out of style, that they won’t fit, or that they just aren’t ball-appropriate. I really want to buy a new dress, but I guess I will have to try and borrow one or just wear one of my prom dresses. 

As for how I’m feeling, I have been very stressed out lately with all of my classes. That being said, the only time I really think about shopping is when I’m at work, surrounded by clothes. Other than that, my mind is always focused on something else, usually school related. 

I don’t feel like I have been treating others differently. Of course I still get jealous when I see others with really cute, new outfits on, but that doesn’t make me treat them differently. It just makes me more curious about the outfits I can put together from what I do have in my own closet. 

One last thing that I have found helpful throughout this experience is that my mom has refused to give me shopping money. As much as I hate to admit it, I have asked her for money to go shopping a few times within the past couple of months, and she has refused to give it to me. Sometimes I regret telling her about this experiment, I am glad that I did. If it weren’t for her, I probably would have failed already.