This week I am feeling all right. No hiccups with buying things I do not need to. I am finding, especially as classes are getting more stressful and lots to do that, that I am thinking less and less about having to make sure I am not just buying things to buy them. However, I am unconsciously much more active in recycling and other sustainable practices, such as water use.

I had a chance to be really creative with our puppet show mid-term documentary. After being crafty with that and pumpkin painting I have been wanting to do more and more. Still, working on my laundry detergent up-cycled jack-o-lantern.

Typed the blog out in word and then as I was pasting it I realized I DID buy something last week 😦  Ah poop! Totally unconsciously too!! It was a skirt I have been eyeing since the summer and it went down to $4.99!! We got a new pea-coat in at work that I absolutely love and my other coat is pretty worn, but still very functional, so I do not need the coat, but I put it on hold to think about….which right now…makes me feel guilty. Only recent clothing purchases have been Christmas gifts. I also have not purchased any new decorations!

No new changes on how I feel about people. I definitely think people should be much more conscientious about their purchases. Even though working in retail we are taught to add on to people’s purchases and sell, sell, sell!

Hmmm shopping tips. Nothing new here. This is probably my hardest question to answer each week!

Creative strategies to fulfill my needs. This may be the second hardest question to answer each week! Ummm I guess the challenge will be….if I decide to dress up for Halloween! Have to dig deep and see what I have!