Well this week I feel a little down. I was hanging out with some friends and we happened to shopping. So it was really difficult to be in a clothing store and not buy a cute shirt. There were a lot of them there and some of the ones that my friend was looking at I would really have liked to get.

I still don’t feel like my creativity has been limited. I have a lot of cute things that I can use already and I just have to be even more creative with what I have. It is an interesting challenge to come up with things that are fashionable by mixing my clothing up, but it is kind of fun at the same time.

I was tempted to buy some more cute school shirts this week. My friend wanted a long sleeve one to wear to the game and I went with her to pick it out. It was hard when I first got to the store but finally convinced myself that it was not worth it to worry or to buy one.

I think others think I’m weird to have accepted this challenge but now they don’t really show it when I mention it. After a while I think they begin to understand why I decided to do this and realize how difficult it is. Then they have some respect for my choice.

This week was my strategy was just simply talking myself out of buying anything. I convinced myself that we wouldn’t be there that long and tried to keep myself from looking at the clothing.

Again my only strategy for something that I need is to borrow it from my friends.