Wow~ Homecoming is today. I went to the parade this morning and got some free food there. There was nothing new for this week, the prerequisite of capstone  finally got to its end, and I am finally able to relax in the weekend. The project of <Love Loss and What I Wore> really made a busy week for me. Since I have so much to do, there is not a sense of unhappiness at all. Except for the project and my capstone, I have an exam this week, so I am totally in a world of tasks.

When I check the calendar, I am so shocked that we only have almost only a whole  month till the end of this semester. And the break of thanksgiving is just on the corner, I am so excited that the winter break if not far away for me.  I am much more confident than even before that I can stick it out for the Detox. I get used to not talking too much about fashion and apparel, I feel peaceful in my inner world, and I find a lot of activities which can make my life wonderful such as chatting with friends and reading the stuff I am interested in.

I always believe the most difficult part of a task is the one of beginning which I have already gotten finished, so I am looking forward to seeing myself reach the end. Keep going on and stick that out!