Hello fellow bloggers,

I am feeling a bit blue I have to admit today. It’s kind of my fault though, I did sort of do it to myself. I went to look online at Jcrew and I just about died when I saw their new selection of sweaters… this is going to be a little rough going into winter without being able to buy a much warmer wardrobe. I’ll just have to “borrow
” some things from my roommates to suffice!

I haven’t really been feeling too jealous of anyone this week.. besides if you count the online catalogue models on Jcrew that is..I have felt pretty normal around others it’s just a bummer that my temperature will be about 30 degrees colder than them with all my short sleeves!

I haven’t done anything too creative this week..It’s been pretty stressful with school so I haven’t even noticed what I was wearing this week untill the weather took a nose dive and Oklahoma decided to become Antarctica! So with that being said I haven’t had to think of any strategies to stop myself from shopping.. maybe I will start bringing a blanket to class though since I am deprived of proper winter clothes?

Also my goal is to maybe cut out all the online shopping.. it just makes me sad. Also pinterest has to go.. slightly addicted and also just leads to more online shopping! So I need a technology cleanse!

Until next time,