My parents are coming to visit this weekend, and particularly when my mom comes to visit, she likes to bring gifts.  It’s really kind of her, but most of her gifts are clothing items, which I obviously cannot accept because of the fashion detox.  This is something I really haven’t worried much about because my mom seems really interested in the project and I think we will have more fun together this Homecoming weekend exploring Columbia, rather than going shopping or looking through clothing she has brought me.

One other impact of fashion detox this week is that since it’s Homecoming, I have gotten really far behind in my laundry, but my creativity with clothing is at an all-time high because of this project, so I am good to go if I don’t get to laundry until next weekend.

I am still feeling great about this project and only have a minor temptation this week of accepting a gift from my mom, but now that’s taken care of, so this week, nothing is going poorly with fashion detox!