I always have a passion in buying boots especially those with high heels because it makes my legs looks very skinny. October and November used to be my normal time of boots shopping as the weather is getting cold. In the past weeks whenever i feel temptations about clothing or want to wear something new, I always have the option to wear my friends’ clothes. But shoes are different, not only i don’t feel comfortable wearing other people’s shoes, I also feel awkward asking friends’ shoes. In cold times, i see boots more as a necessity rather than a fashion item. My old boots are not warm anymore and I need new boots just to keep my feet warm.

       Being in Fashion Detox for 8 weeks, this is the first time I feel that i wish i was not in this project so that i can buy boots to keep my feet warm in cold weather. The only option I’ve came up with for now is to wear warm socks which i feel like its not gonna be that helpful. At the same time I’m trying to maintain emotional stable, not to get mad or angry about what I’m doing. It’s almost there and I can’t wait till this project to be over.