This weekend was my birthday so I had several temptations along the way to fight with this past week as well as the weekend.  I went home to Kansas City in order to see my family on my birthday, which luckily only involved dinner at home and not on the plaza where I’m always tempted to shop.  My friends, knowing that I’m on the detox, bought me clothes since I can’t buy any for myself. As the weeks go on, I realize more and more that I have so many clothes in my closet that have yet to be worn.  I have made a pledge that even after the detox I will still not buy any more clothes until all the unworn ones in my closet have been worn at least once.

Living with all of my friends has helped me get through this challenge immensely as all of them let me borrow their clothes so now I have five closets instead of just one.  This is incredibly convienent especially when I’m going out and don’t want to re-wear something in my closet, I simply walk down the hall and look into one of “my” other closets.  College is a great time to borrow clothes from friends and get to wear things that you may not have bought for yourself.