Up until this point, I’ve managed to remain strong and resist the urge to shop.  However, this week is unlike any of the previous weeks because Halloween is quickly approaching.  Halloween has been my favorite holiday ever since I can remember.  Candy, family traditions, decorations, costumes — what more could one ask for??  This year unfortunately, I literally am asking for a costume.  I usually browse online costume stores for months in advance until I decide on the PERFECT costume. This year however, I’ll have to barrow one from a friend, or even worse, wear one of my old costumes.  I wanted to be a sailor this year, but my chances of finding one are slim to none.  Looks like I’ll be lady luck….for the SECOND year in a row.  These next couple days are going to be hard, and I know I’ll have to put my best effort forward to keep my money in my pockets, but I know I can do it.


How many more weeks are left in this experiment…?