This week was a very hectic week for me, I had a lot of projects. home work, and exams as well as working 4 days a week 8 hrs shift a day. By being so busy shopping was the last thing on my mind, I don’t think it ever cross my mind…I think by being so busy, it allows my mind to be occupy and just think about the most important things that I need to do.

Being busy is the key to keep my mind off shopping, however my brother, and my niece birthday is coming up soon, and i don’t know what to gift them, I may get a gift card or cash, this way i wont have to to the mall or any store to shop, it might feel too good. Shopping helps me feel better, and I think with all the stress, and all the work I did over the past few week, some shopping therapy sounds very good right about now, after this detoxing I am afraid i may go crazy, but I know i need to save money, and this will help me to control.

I have a lot of important things I need to save up for, so this detoxing is helping me to save a lot, and I am proud of myself for staying true, and keeping control of my shopping habits. Staying busy is the key… Until next time then…