It has been two weeks now since I skipped my blog last week and I am still feeling very confident. I have been very busy with school work and I haven’t had any time to think about shopping or new products. I am actually more excited about making my first evening gown and then producing my personal collection for my final project in advanced apparel. This challenge has made me feel more creative actually because I don’t look at other designs or have to think about what is being produced mainstream. I feel as if I have more personal freedom to make what I want to at the moment. I have had no temptation to shop because I have been too busy and I am focusing on what I need to do for school rather than waste time on shopping or thinking about it. I feel the same around other people still because this detox has not affected me too greatly. At times when I do talk to people from work about the detox it just constantly reminds me that I can’t buy anything and it’s actually good because I am saving money. This is a strategy that I have made for myself. I think about all the money that I am saving and it makes me feel good. I know that I don’t have money to spend but I will tend to spend it anyway (which is a bad habit) and I am learning to overcome that habit. With this strategy it has helped my build myself to take control of what I need and don’t need. Another creative strategy that has helped me is to stay focused on my sketch details for my design class. I think about what looks good and put it on paper. That way, it’s kind of a way that I am still getting a product from my design. Although I don’t have the physical product in my hand, I am mentally and emotionally okay with that. I am learning to be more accepting of this detox and it has been a very interesting journey still!