If it wasn’t for all of the bills I have to pay and my mother refusing to give me extra money, I would have failed miserably by now. This definitely isn’t getting any easier. I find myself comparing my outfit to the outfits of everyone around me, like every day, and it constantly makes me feel like I need to update my wardrobe. ASAP. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my outfits recently, though, so that helps a lot. When I feel like a look like crap, there’s nothing better than someone telling me how cute I look. 

At the beginning of this journey, I decided I was going to try not to wear anything twice. I was going to make sure I wore everything in my closet once and I was going to take pictures everyday to document what I had worn already. Well, that didn’t happen. I took pictures for the first few days and then I just forgot. As for not wearing anything twice? Yeah right. I am very guilty of finding a few favorite garments and wearing them over and over. What I have been doing recently is wearing my favorite shirts and pants in different ways; I wear them with something different every time. I have started a list of things that I am going to buy when this is over. Surprisingly, the list is not that long. I’m going to try to control my spending habits, but there are a few items that I am just dying to have. 

The upside to all of this is that I feel like I have been much more productive since I stopped shopping. I spend a lot more time on homework, that’s for sure. My boyfriend, however, will continue to say that I seem more stressed out than ever. He’s probably right. 

There’s not much left to say at this point, except… I WANT TO GO SHOPPING!!!