This week I’m feeling pretty good. I haven’t been tempted to buy anything or had anyone negatively comment about the challenge. This makes me feel better about accepting it.

I still do not feel that this challenge has impacted my creativity. I am still just as creative as I was before. I only used what I had to create my outfits and I don’t feel like I have been restricted in the least.

I have not been tempted this week by anything. I haven’t really been off campus shopping anywhere. This has kept me from being tempted to buy anything and has made this challenge a lot easier.

This week I haven’t felt any different around people. In the past weeks I have because when I tell them that I cannot buy anything they would give me very strange looks. Then they would proceed to ask me a lot of questions about it. However this has not been a problem this week.

Again the only strategy that I have really used is to just not go anywhere to shop. Part of this comes from not wanting to tempt myself with shopping. The other part comes from not having time to go anywhere.

I have not had any needs this week that I could not fulfilled with what I had. It has been a very easy week as far as this challenge is concerned but I think I would still try to borrow things from my friends if I needed something.