This week I have been feeling great.  I haven’t had any temptations to shop at all.  This detox was a little tough at the beginning but now its getting easier and easier.  I’m starting to realize that I really used to shop way too often.  I would buy things that I didn’t even need.  I’m really proud of myself for accomplishing this for multiple weeks in a row now.  This challenge is making me much more creative.  I am so much better at reusing different articles of clothing to create new outfits.  Yesterday, a few of my friends were going shopping and asked if I wanted to tag along and I actually said no!  I felt fine around my friends this week and even when I told them I couldn’t shop with them they were proud of me!  I haven’t come up with any new strategies besides just pinterest/tumblr and making sure that I’m not going into stores.  When I don’t walk into a store it makes it a million times easier to not be tempted to buy things, so I just stopped trying to even window shop!