I have been cheating on the detox process without even realizing that I was. The fall is a very busy time to be in a sorority because we have so many events. Every event we have there is an opportunity to get merchandise. I have been ordering all the cute shirts and I didn’t even think about that was not following the detox! I ordered date party shirts, dad’s weekend clothes and a homecoming pairing shirt. On top of all the merchandise I bought I also got a free homecoming shirt and for giving blood I got a free shirt. There are new t shirts everywhere!

There are so many ways to ruin the detox without even stepping into a shopping mall, or even pulling out a credit card for that matter. I didn’t think about that I was actually breaking the detox because I never physically got the money or credit card out and I didn’t go to a store. Just in my daily routine I got these new items. I’m disappointed I didn’t completely detox. I thought I was doing so well on not buying anything the whole semester until on Friday when we picked up our homecoming shirt I realized that was cheating. Now I realize what I have done so for the few short weeks we have left I will be very conscious of what is actually considered detoxing.