This has been a pretty peaceful week in not wanting to shop. Although, I have to admit that classes, projects and exams are keeping me busy so I haven’t had much time to think about shopping but it is in the back of my mind with Halloween fast approaching. My creativity is just not working. I can’t seem to think up ideas for a simple costume. But I am still determined to stay with this challenge and somehow jump start my creativity.

My main temptation is just to browse in a clothing or shoe store but I am afraid to risk the temptation. So I will continue to not enter clothing stores but maybe this week I can actually follow through with my last week’s blog and make my own costume and maybe some new clothes. At this point, I am so ready for this challenge to be over so I can finally shop again. I didn’t think I shopped often but I am beginning to see that maybe I shopped more than I thought. Another week down, here’s to a more creative week!