This week I’m feeling pretty able to control myself. Since my recent personal issues, it’s pretty easy just staying home and lying in bed to be honest.

This challenge hasn’t really impacted my creativity. I haven’t felt creative in a few days, but I know I’ll come around again next week when the weather stays cool. I’m hoping.

This week I did find this funny Nike shirt that I really wanted, but of course I couldn’t get it. I’m not too worried though. I’m sure I’ll forget about it in the next few weeks. It was children’s size anyway!

This challenge has made me look at other people’s outfits even more. I like seeing what people come up with. Some are really cute, others are really…interesting.. ha-ha

I haven’t needed to use any strategies this week to keep me from shopping because I just flat out haven’t felt like shopping. I guess it’s good. I’m not spending money!