What a great week I have been having! I got to go home and see all my mom’s side of the family for a nice long and relaxing weekend. Boy was it awesome! I normally don’t get to see my family for long incriminates of time but I had a chance to go home and see them all and of course I took it! It was my families homecoming where they live by a collage and we all went to the homecoming game and got to tailgate! It was awesome I couldn’t of asked for a better weekend!

This week it was a challenge not being able to buy anything because it was homecoming and the collage always has the cutest little things to wear, and what a great excuses to buy clothes… right! NOT. I keep to the challenge and didn’t buy anything. There were many times when the bookstore had things I wanted to wear but I did not buy anything. My mom was so surprised even she couldn’t believe I have stuck to the challenge this well. Next weekend is going to be the hard part for me considering it’s halloween. I think she was more happy that I wasn’t spending more money on things she thinks I don’t need. 

But for the game my sister let me borrow some of her clothes so that I didn’t break the challenge and have to buy something new. There comes a point where I just literally have nothing else to wear! What a great thing about having a sister who is similar in size is hand me downs and sharing clothes!! Even though she doesn’t go to Mizzou she is up here all the time to see me and she always has clothes that she doesn’t wear that shell give me! I love it, even though there not new to me they are new! And of course my sister has great style so what a big help she was with my outfit for homecoming! 

There are a lot of times that this challenge is hard but I always seem to break through it with my sister or my sorority sister’s wanting to help me out! I am so thankful for everything they have done!