I spent about two hundred dollars on clothes this weekend….


My family came into town for homecoming. My fourteen year old brother was actually in the mood to shop this weekend (a once a year occurrence), so of course my mom took him to shopping while I took a nice long nap. Once they got back she said “Liz Don’t you need more professional clothes? I think we should go shopping too.”

Who in the right mind would turn down the offer to have someone else pay for new clothes?! I know this is about being sustainable and not getting new clothes but I really did lack some key professional clothing pieces. I am about to start applying for jobs so I need to be prepared. No one is going to hire a recent graduate that shows up in a t-shirt folks. Sorry to say but to get hired in today’s society you need to not be looking like the latest fly market fashion foe paw.

I guess I could borrow clothes for interviews and pray that my mom would have another moment of “I am willing to spend hundreds of dollars on you for clothes alone.”

I could blame a lot of things for this failure but lets be honest, I didn’t have the self control to say no. But now you be honest with me and tell me if you could honestly say no to that.