If I can get through this weekend without shopping, then I can without a doubt get through the rest of this challenge. Talk about temptation. My mom and sister came up to visit for homecoming and it’s tradition for us to go shopping on Saturday before/after the game. Well… this homecoming, I got to watch my sister go crazy shopping for fall clothes while also having to watch her even try all of the different outfits on. Torture. Mom bought me a few things… for CHRISTMAS. Do you realize how long Christmas is away from now? I thought maybe just the thought that I was at least getting some things might help me feel better but no, not a chance. Because of the fact that it’s not until Christmas that I get it all, c’mon now mom. My strategy of thinking of someone else while shopping failed me this weekend, sadly. Funny thing was they were actually holding me accountable. If anything, I thought my sister would be like “seriously Sarah they’ll never know if you buy something.” But instead she would say, “NO! You can’t!!” Now that’s a good sister.

I forgot to mention what it was like trying to find something to wear for homecoming. I usually always buy the homecoming shirt or a new orange blouse for homecoming every year, but nope, not this year. I’m pretty sure I tried on 20 different things before I finally found something to wear. It was a shirt I have had for two years and haven’t worn it in a long time. Not having something new forced me to make due with what I had, and to be creative with something already in my closet. Not saying I enjoyed it, but it did spark my creativity. I’m at the point where I feel like I’m doing pretty well. It’s getting a little, ( yes, LITTLE) easier to tell myself no.