Throughout this process, I have been thinking about how greedy it can be to spend money on clothing to look good, when there are other things that can make a person look good in the community and have a greater impact far more memorable (though maybe not as visible) as an outfit.  This is helping me to get through not refreshing my wardrobe, but still feeling like I look good, especially with semi-formal coming up and needing to find a date to that.  Accessorizing my outfits and doing that extra little bit has been more difficult this week in particular, but pearls look good with most things, so that’s been working well.  It also doesn’t help I have been consumed with Homecoming, which is already next week.  I cannot believe how fast time flies, but being busy removes the time element necessary to shop well.  As for most of my friends, the clothing choices haven’t been as good because Homecoming is so close, but plenty of my friends have stepped up their game because of the impending semi-formal.  Overall, this week has been busy, limiting how much fashion effort I am putting in, but detoxing was still a great idea!