Finding the perfect boots for a certain situation can be tricky. However, this past week, it was even more challenging considering I could not go out and buy a new pair of boots. My sorority and I went to a corn maze for a fun fall event last Thursday night. I did not even know my friends were dressing up until the day of the event. I was sad because I wanted the right type of boots with a cute scarf for the perfect fall look. All of my friends went out and bought cute, new cowboy boots. They also all had new plaid button down shirts and scarves. I instantly wanted to go shopping for a similar outfit. To resist the temptation of shopping, I texted my sister asking to borrow one of my mom’s plaid shirt. Once I had that shirt I knew I could shuffle around in my closet to put together something that looked decent. I was right; I managed to find the perfect scarf and leggings to match my mom’s oversized plaid shirt. The only problem I had was shoes. I planned to just borrow someone’s boots or shoes last minute. However, it started to pour before the event. Everyone had to rethink their outfits. I ended up just wearing my rain boots and a huge oversized raincoat. I am really glad I did because it was a cold, rainy night, not to mention the maze was completely muddy. That night I felt fine even though everyone else complained how awful they looked. By the end of the night, all of my friends were covered in mud head to toe! Basically, all my hard work on this outfit was wasted because no one could possibly look cute in that miserable weather last Thursday night.

This week the challenge impacted my creativity by being forced to borrow clothes and put together something that would be appropriate for a fall look. Most of my clothes are t-shirts and Nike shorts for classes. It was hard to find something casual and “country” looking for the corn maze. This event made finding an outfit outside of my comfort zone. Even though my first instinct was to shop for an outfit for the corn maze, I had to strategically put together an outfit. I felt happy I was able to utilize my closet and my sister’s closet. With some patience in figuring out an outfit and taking advantage of my mom’s clothes, I was able to make something cute even though he overall look was pointless due to the inclement weather. I was so glad I did not buy new boots when all I could wear in that muddy trail was sturdy rain boots anyway.