Well, once again I was very strong throughout the entire week. I was constantly busy with papers and midterms. So if I wasn’t studying I was either in class or asleep. This left me with no time to be tempted to online shop. Not to brag, but I have been so proud of myself so far for not straying off or slipping up and buying something. I thought I would sign up for this and shop the first week. I think one of the things that really helps me is that it is making both of my parents really proud also. They both absolutely love my shopping habit. Not. 

Although I had an awesome and easy week… this weekend was not too good. I never actually bought anything but I had too many chances where I almost did. I went home to St. Louis with my best friend for the weekend. And of course we were home for two things: The Cardinals and the Packers games. Being at both of these made me want to buy all new attire for each of the games and while at the games. I’m not sure how I convinced myself not to but I pulled through without doing it.