Let me just say, boy I sure am glad this is semi-close to being over! I told you guys I received a gift from my mother last week. It is not necessarily a gift, but a necessity of the season–a coat! I could not say no to a coat, nor would my mother even think about letting me. In my recent blogs, I had discussed how I was doing pretty decent with this fashion detox experiment, but I was worried about what I would do for one of Mizzou’s biggest weeks–homecoming. I just could not wear an outfit that people had already seen me in. I mean, everyone travels to come to our homecoming so I just could not let it happen so I cracked. I bought a pair of teal pants to cut up into shorts. I felt terrible about buying them after the purchase because I was so close to sticking with the detox, but it did make me feel a little better knowing the pants were only $3.00. What a steal, right? Forgive me, please!