Ok…I’ll admit it. I cracked. A bow for tailgate led to a couple necklaces from Nasty Gal…okay and a purse, sunglasses, shoes, and a skirt. That led to some halloween costume accessories and parts of costumes. To the fashion detox gods: I am so sorry and pray for your forgiveness.

I know, I’m bad. I really think I need to be locked away in an official shopping rehabilitation center, but until those exist, I’m proud of myself for this process lasting seven weeks or however long it was. I’ve been so stressed with excessive amounts of recent school work that I have to relieve that stress in the only way I know how to: shop.

I’m not ending my detox because of this minor bump in the road, I’m going to continue my detox mission despite my epic failure. This will only will me to try even harder than I had before, simply because I don’t want to screw up again and want to prove to myself I can somewhat accomplish this task I have taken on.

Wish me better luck in this week to come.