Hello there detox readers!  It has been a couple weeks since I last posted but I have stories to share!  This past weekend I went down to Farmington with my boyfriend to visit his family.  Let me tell you, I had never been to Farmington and had no idea what to expect.  What should I pack?  Do I need to dress fancy?  What kind of fashion do they wear down there?  I HAD NO IDEA.  I basically threw in my go-to outfit, which includes black boots, leggings, an oversized top, my leather jacket, and my favorite magenta eternity scarf! In all honesty, I wanted to go buy some trendy clothes for the trip since I was meeting some of his family members for the first time, but because of the detox, I strayed away from the stores.

Once I got down to Farmington and saw the people around town, all I could think was THANK GOD FOR THE DETOX!  If it weren’t for the detox I would have spent money on items I definitely did not need considering people were wearing baggy blue jeans with camouflage sweatshirts!  Clearly fashion is not on their main priority list.  As weird as it may seem, the detox has made me realize clothes are not everything and by going to Farmington, I understood that there are a lot more important things out their then having the newest Lily and Laura bracelet.  Sure, having lots of fashionable clothes are nice, but it does not determine how awesome a person is!

Because of my trip to this small town, the detox has actually been a lot easier for me.  I have been trying to focus more of my attention on school and my sorority.  Although at times I feel like I have absolutely nothing to wear in my closet, other times its fun coming up with new outfits and wearing certain garments I haven’t worn in a while.

Well, It’s time for me to catch up on some sleep.  Good night readers and wish me luck for this coming week!  Xoxoxoxoxo