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Halloween has been on my mind for the past week. What am I going to be for Halloween without buying any clothes? After going back and forth with my friends on what I should be, I decided on two costumes: a bank robber and a red solo cup. Plus, neither of these costumes require me to buy anything clothing related. I am so excited to flaunt my creative costumes! I decided to be a bank robber because of my twitter name, robynyobank. I am going to wear a black dress (borrowed from a friend) and a black mask, and carry a sack with fake money. For my red solo cup costume I am going to buy a large plastic trash bin, cut out the bottom of it, and spray paint it red. Then I am going to stencil “Solo” on the “cup,” and carry around a white volleyball (the ping pong ball). This costume doesn’t require any clothing to be bought either! I am so proud that I have been able to think of cute and creative costumes that keep me on track with my Detox. Cannot wait to show you all pictures of my costumes in two weeks!

Since I have Halloween all planned out, I really haven’t had any major urges to go shopping. That might be in part to not having a lot of extra cash on hand. Between having to pay my sorority bills, and recently getting a speeding ticket, my money has been going to other, more important things. I cannot wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks when I make more money and can work more hours. I applied to Vera Bradley last week for their seasonal sales associate position in Saint Louis, so hopefully that works out for me! I absolutely love Vera Bradley, so it would be so appropriate for me to work there…and spend more of my money there (employee discount??).