I do not have a costume for Halloween yet. I have come up with and worn so many costumes for themed parties, etc. that have involved my wardrobe, but for this Halloween I am stumped and cannot seem to find something I already have to make into a costume. This becomes a problem when you can’t go out and BUY a costume! I have looked online about “how to create a costume from your own closet,” but all I am finding is how to be Honey Boo or a Powder Puff Girl… No thank you. I am wanting to do something really cool with my makeup that way whatever I am wearing won’t seem as important. I guess I will need to be extra creative this year.

I am still really busy and haven’t even given shopping a thought lately, so that has been my own major tactic to not thinking about or going shopping – STAYING BUSY, really busy.

I am definitely ready for this fashion detox to be over, but it has saved me a lot of money so I am glad I have made it so far. I have also really enjoyed “recycling” the clothes I already have because it has pushed my creative limits. As great as it has been to detox thus far, nothing will feel better than going to Forever 21 or Express to buy something new and trendy.