Well… I’m feeling the same as last week. DYING to shop. Shop ‘til I drop. My creativity is the same as last week. I’m always tempted to shop, lets be real. The ten million emails from stores I get everyday obviously tempt me to shop. So many sales are going on right now and my favorite brand of jeans(AG) were on Rue La La today at cheap, cheap prices. If there was any moment I was about to break… it was then. No fear, I stayed strong.

Like other weeks, I still feel the need to shop when I’m around others with cute clothes on. Gameday weekends are probably the worse because everyone brings out their cutest of black and orange for games. Will power, that’s what I use to stop myself from shopping. Online shopping is my weakness so that’s obviously a tough habit to break. With the purchase button right at my finger tips and the card in hand, its to easy.

Similar to other weeks, I am thankful to have three wonderful roommates that I can borrow clothes from. Unfortunately my child size feet prevent me from borrowing shoes, so my boot collection will remain the same for a couple more months, when this experiment is finally over. It’s definitely been a good learning activity for me thus far, but I don’t think my shopping ways will change once I’m aloud to purchase again.