I think I’m about to crack. I feel like there are things that I need, so there for I must go shopping . But, Wait I can’t because I signed up to not shop for a whole semester.  I’ve found myself browsing my favorite clothing web cites and checking out the new styles in the misses department while I’m at work.  Yesterday was a very close call and it all started with the cleaning out of my purse, where I found a gift card from Dillards department store. It must have been hiding in my wallet for a long period of time because I couldn’t remember the balance of the card or if there even was one.  Since I work at the mall, when i got off work on friday I decided to go browse around Dillards.  It was the first time I had set foot in a fashion retail store( besides for work) since the start of Fashion Detox.  I quickly found the young misses jean section.  At first I was sad to learn that my newly discovered giftcard was only worth two dollars and some change, but hey that’s better than nothing. I browsed the whole jean section and even tried a few pairs on. Luckily I didn’t like the selection I had to choose from and the jeans didnt fit  “just right” and were’nt worth the purchase.  I also was not ready to give up on this challenge so I decided to the browse the home section, which has purchase that I am allowed to buy.  I got a new pillow that day ! and didnt brake the rules