Keeping busy was my motto this week to get me through the urge of shopping.  With events like homecoming, dealing with school work, and work itself, I really did not have any time to think about shopping or going shopping.  This week was full of events and busy work days where shopping was the last thing I was thinking about; which was a great thing! I really wish all my weeks were like this.  It would make my life so much easier to not want to shop.  I work about 40 hours a week at work which takes up most of my days when I am not doing homework or sitting in class.  That occupies my time and mind from thinking about shopping.  I have also used creativity and mixed and matched a lot of my outfits this week. Finding cute ways to mix and match old outfits are actually great, especially when you get complimented on it.  Being around my friends and other people in general did not affect me in any way this week.  I guess just staying busy in general is a great way to not want to shop.