I was feeling pretty strong about this week until I sat down to reflect over the past week on any struggles I might have encountered.  As I thought about it I was pretty impressed with myself that I have yet to purchase anything for this long of a period! Then once my brain hit Friday night my heart sank when I realized I accidently accepted a gift.  It was homecoming walk around night and I accepted a new Oklahoma State shirt.  It didn’t even cross my mind and hadn’t even registered until just now.  I know it was a slip up, but in my opinion it still doesn’t feel as bad as purchasing it I.  I know it’s just an excuse, but even still to make it this far without purchasing anything and only accepting one gift is a big accomplishment in and of itself for me! I’ve been feeling like I have shopping withdrawals and even went in the new TJMaxx here in town just to see what it was like.  I was extremely proud of myself when I spotted some things I wanted and still left the store empty handed.  One strategy that I have utilized it the use of accessories.  I have noticed that you can change up an entire outfit with the simply adding a belt, statement necklace, or even bangle bracelets.  I have even been able to completely transform looks by wearing the same pair of pants and top but switching cardigans, shoes, and accessories and it looks like a brand new outfit head to toe.