This weekend was beyond stressful and tempting. Mainly it is because for work we have to wear an orange OSU shirt during game days. This weekend, being homecoming, I had to wear one both Friday and Saturday. I had lost the shirt I had been wear and the only other OSU top I had was black. I panicked and even went into stores to look for any cute OSU gameday tops. I went into three different stores and even looked at the booths of clothing during Walkarounds. I was feeling guilty about it but I did not know what else to do. It was an hour before I had to be at work and I was getting stressed out about it. I decided before I took it too far, that I would call my friends to see if they had any cute tops I could borrow. Luckily my friend Allison saved my day. I was able to go to her house and borrow an orange OSU top from her right before work.

It was a very close call to say the least. I was very very tempted and even tried on some tops. I was smart and used resources/connections I had. This challenge is becoming more difficult as the seasons change and as more events happen around campus. I am trying very hard not to give into the pressure.