This past weekend, and i say this with absolutely no regret, I went to New York and did a little shopping. Yes I caved, yes I went against what I have learned and respect, but no… I do not regret.

This past weekend I attended Teen Vogue Fashion University, this experience has opened up my eyes to a whole new world. Uhm hello, New York! It was magnificent, and honestly I did not shop that much, but “when in Rome!” At FashionU I did receive a large amount of gifts and prizes that one will not nor should not refuse. Listen folks, this was a chance of a life time and I am so incredibly grateful for it.

I come back to Missouri refreshed and have a new found love for this industry we have all decided to take part in. And the great thing about this industry, its not always so this or that, expensive or cheap, fat or skinny. Am I going to far? Maybe. But I don’t care. I love this industry because it allows me to be me. Spend a little here or there, or maybe not. And that is ok.

I’m sorry if I sound somewhat defeated in this challenge, I swear I am not. And from this point forward I promise you that I will hold tight to the goals I made at the beginning of this challenge. But please keep in mind why you love this industry and decided to enter it. It is so incredibly rewarding.