So my birthday is next week and for my birthday my brother bought me a new Carhartt jacket. He didn’t know that I was participating in the fashion detox so he bout me a jacket worth about $80. I could not turn down a jacket that was that expensive, so I went ahead and accepted it. Thus far this challenge has not really challenged my creativity. I don’t care if  classmates see me in the same shirts. I have plenty of clothing, so it doesn’t take much to create different combinations. I now have realized that I have temptations to shop all the time. I never realized this before. For example I wanted to buy the homecoming shirt this year. Everyone else had one, why couldn’t I have one too? Anymore only one person encourages me not to buy clothing. The rest of my friends don’t see the point of not buying clothing just for a class. Whenever I see something I want they tell me to go ahead and buy it. Besides just not buying clothing I do not have any strati as to how to avoid purchasing clothing.