If you ask me my feeling of participating the Fashion Detox now, my answer would be :’Well, that’s already a part of my life.’ This week the life keeps busy, or even, much busier than last week, so I really do not have any time for considering about what I need except for doing my capstone prerequisite. However I find my life now is more simple than ever before because of the fashion detox. I do not spend much time searching for a t-shirt and having no idea which to check out which really gets me mad some time.

That’s really a good thing on me, the Detox reshaped my characteristic to some degree. I am thinking more straightforwardly and life provides me more choices besides shopping online. Last night I went to a movie with my friends, I was really excited about that movie. All the activities keep my life full of fun and I feel satisfied in my inner world.

The homecoming week is on the way, I am looking forward to the events. I will hang out with friends and eat together, but I always remember ‘No Shopping’ since it has been part of my life already.