Detoxing this week was rather simple in the beginning, but toward the end became really difficult! I explained in my last blog that this weekend is my twentieth birthday, and that I haven’t broken the detox yet, but was thinking I might have to cave and buy myself a little birthday present. The beginning of the week was fairly easy! I was busy with school and exams that I didn’t have time to even think twice about going shopping. However, this weekend was a different story. I ended up coming home for my birthday weekend, and my mom wanted to take me shopping for my birthday. Forgetting I was on the detox, I had to reiterate everything to her. We decided we would still go shopping but she wouldn’t let me buy anything. We finished up came home and my mom had a box of Hunter Boots sitting on my bed. She said, “I know you’re detoxing but you must accept my gift to you.” I decided it would be okay if I accepted one birthday gift from my mother and in exchange I will try and detox for one extra week! Other than the birthday incident, I am feeling very good about this detox and have surprisingly enjoyed it! It has become easier with the passing weeks and I think I will be able to hold out and finish strong!